Historic Boston

My cousin was up from PA so how could we NOT go into Boston… If you have even read one other blog post of mine, you probably noticed that I say “I love Boston” once every time? LOL

I took these with my long zoom while we were on a Boston Harbor Cruise touring the historic Boston from the water. 10/10 would recommend!!

The weather was beautiful out in the harbor, but the sun was casting a blue haze upon the city due to the clouds… Its almost like a completely different setting based on which direction you are looking! Check out some of the pictures below!

DSC_0157DSC_0139DSC_0162DSC_0179DSC_0182DSC_0190DSC_0196DSC_0199DSC_0204DSC_0213DSC_0218DSC_0220DSC_0222DSC_0226DSC_0231DSC_0232DSC_0234DSC_0237DSC_0244DSC_0254DSC_0259DSC_0265DSC_0268DSC_0269DSC_0283Version 2DSC_0293 (1)DSC_0308DSC_0331DSC_0341DSC_0349DSC_0385DSC_0397DSC_0429DSC_0441DSC_0450DSC_0452DSC_0458DSC_0469DSC_0476DSC_0486DSC_0493DSC_0545DSC_0549


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