Good Friends are Hard to Come By…

I don’t know how any of us would make it through without a good friend.

God made us as humans to desire connection and relationships, both friendships and romantic relationships, just as God has the perfect relationship in the Holy Trinity! (So cool… I could go on for HOURS).

As I am not *currently* in a romantic relationship, I have truly come to admire my wonderful friends that God has graced my life with.

First of all, my beautiful sister, Gwen, has such a pure and loving heart. We have shared a room since…. forever…. I truly love our late night conversations and TV binge watching. What I love is that she cheers me on through my blogging and photography. She is so so so amazing. Right now, we are trying out a new hobby of “sports”. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes LOL Comment if you have a favorite player or team!!


My Cousins Erin and Clare have also been a key part in encouraging travel, blogging, photography and living life to the fullest. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I don’t know what else to say. They both just ROCK.


My bible study friends and all of my other friends from UMass Amherst are my pride an joy. Our group chats give me life and I do not think I would laugh half as hard with anyone else. I will def be doing some blogging about out bible studies this upcoming year, because I think we can all learn something from our bible discussions, whether you are Catholic or not.

Also this girl, my main squeeze, Cassie. This girl is SO successful already and I just don’t even know how she does it. If you are a dancer, go check out OST which is Cassie’s company. She has worked so hard achieving her dreams all while working with a chronic illness. LIKE HOW? Cass is my inspiration. Also, she gives me the self-confidence I need to step in front of the camera every now and then…DSC_0022

Even though this post just skims the surface, I thank the Lord every day for all of the amazing friends I have. If you have read this far ( XD ) I challenge you to text/call one of your friends and tell them how much they mean to you. Make a point to do this once a week. It goes a LONG way. As someone who has been on the receiving end, this can really give you the extra confidence in your daily life. Let’s build each other up, because we are ALL created in the image and likeness of God and THAT IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!!


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